FMLA Fact Sheet

FMLA Information

FMLA Information

The Faculty Association Women’s Committee (FAWC) is concerned about the transparency of the process of accessing Family Medical and Parental Leave; the ease/difficulty of navigating the Human Resources’ website; inconsistencies in the flexibilities for teaching and service loads for faculty who pursue these benefits; and, the behind-the-door negotiations among faculty, department chairs, and deans that could lead to bias.

In consultation with the Office of Human Resources, we updated this document so that all faculty will be aware of the relevant policies and options available to them.

We thank the faculty who offered accounts of their experience negotiating various kinds of leave and thereby contributed to the creation of this document.

Katherine Mack, Department of English
Tisha Mendiola Jessop, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrew Lane, Manager, Employee Relations and Employee Experience

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